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Windows 11 Release Information

Today, Microsoft has actioned the Global Release of Windows 11.
Microsoft will be gradually rolling out the option of a free Windows 11 upgrade - expected to reach all officially supported devices by mid-2022.
Microsoft have announced that the upgrade will only be supported on devices that meet specific requirements. If you are unsure whether your PC meets these requirements, you can check by using the Microsoft’s PC Health Check app to assess compatibility - Please be aware that if you proceed to install Windows 11 on an unsupported device, Microsoft may not support the installation.
SIAX Computing Solutions cannot support any Windows 11 installation on a PC or device that is deemed non-compliant by the above Microsoft PC Health Check App.
If there are any performance issues, data loss / corruption, software incompatibilities or security issues resulting from a non-compliant installation of Windows 11, the client will incur additional charges to remediate.
Microsoft have confirmed that Windows 10 is still a supported Operating System until October 14th 2025 and therefore if you are unsure about the effect that installing Windows 11 may have on your device performance or 3rd Party applications, SIAX Computing Solutions recommends to continue running Windows 10 for the immediate future.
If your device is non-compliant and you would like to buy a new compliant device for Windows 11, or if you would like assistance in running the PC Health Check App, please do not hesitate to contact SIAX Helpdesk on 1300 799 928.

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