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Cybersecurity Services

SIAX’s commitment to ensuring the cybersecurity and integrity of your data and infrastructure is paramount. Whether it is your internal infrastructure, cloud,  employee’s devices, and everything in between, SIAX’s Security Stack will help minimise your cyber risk, whilst decreasing your business risk.

SIAX’s Security Stack includes best in class solutions including:

  • Business Endpoint Protection

  • DNS Protection

  • Security Awareness Training

  • Microsoft Cloud App Security

  • Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

  • Multi Factor Authentication

Some alarming statistics in 2019 – 2020 include:

  • 8.9 million URLs were found hosting a cryptojacking script

  • Malware targeting Windows 7®️ increased by 125%

  • Employees home devices remain approximately 2x more likely to become infected than business systems

  • Trojans and malware accounted for 91.8% of Android™️ threats

  • Phishing URLs encountered grew by 640% in 2019

  • The total cost of cybercrime in Australia in 2019 (including security professional and systems) is estimated at a whopping $29 billion.

  • The average cost of a cyber attack to a business is a whopping $276,323 (with about half of that spent on detection and recovery)

  • Approximately 23,000 Australian businesses have already experienced some form of cyber attack

Don’t become a statistic. Call SIAX for all your security needs.

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