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  • Brendan Garrick

What is DNS Protection & Why is it Important

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Uncontrolled internet access is a high-risk activity for any business regardless of size. With the sophistication of todays attacks Anti-Virus alone is no longer enough to stay safe.

DNS stands for Domain Name Server and DNS resolution is the process undertaking to turn an internet address such as to When accessing websites from your device you are accessing and using DNS resolution each day. Think of it like a phone book but for the internet.

DNS Protection works to secure your company device from Malware, reduce company data being stolen, stop illicit internet communication, and stop the redirection from genuine sites to phishing sites.

SIAX delivers a fully cloud based solution to protect your DNS connection, network and users from cyber-attacks.

Please watch the short video above from one of our partners to explain more!!

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