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  • Milan Maricic

DNS Filtering Key to Improve Cyber Resilience

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

DNS Filtering has largely been an "under the covers" method of encryption and protection for businesses, however with cyber resilience being brought to the forefront of businesses, you cannot afford to overlook this feature.

Primarily DNS Filtering benefits to business are:

  1. Secure and high availability of internet connections

  2. Trusted DNS resolvers providing a tamperproof choke point for admin and policy requests.

  3. Key step in keeping your organization’s internet requests private and invisible to malicious "fakers"

  4. Flexibility to manage internet access for guest/public WiFi networks, user groups and the ability to filter a wide range of domain categories.

  5. Commercial DNS security service can also offer great visibility into internet usage with scheduled executive reporting to assist with compliance.

Be proactive! Talk to SIAX today about your DNS Filtering and start the conversation around shoring up your cyber resilience!

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