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  • Brendan Garrick

A Cybersecurity Checklist for Modern SMB’s

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Digital security is rapidly changing and in order to make sure SMB’s aren’t left behind we continually work with industry leaders to keep your businesses safe and secured.

We help you to understand what you have from a technology perspective so you can focus on the people perspective and together we can look at the potential risks associated.

A cybersecurity checklist needs to include :

  • Continuous education on the latest threats

  • Regular risk assessment and security audits

  • A disaster response plan

  • Looking at the impacts of bring your own device on a company network (BYOD)

  • What layers of security you have

Read more on how we work with industry leaders to ensure our customers cyber security:

You can also find out more about SIAX’s Security Stack and Managed Service programs here.

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