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Covid 19

SIAX Computing Solutions

COVID-19 Statement

**UPDATED STATEMENT 20.10.2021**

Further to the Victorian Government’s announcements on Sunday 17th October 2021 regarding the relaxation of restricted activities for vaccinated people, SIAX Computing Solutions Pty Ltd is also adapting to the changing circumstances. SIAX would like to thank all of our staff, clients, partners and contractors in advance for their flexibility, resilience and understanding as we all navigate these changes.

SIAX has, and will continue to be committed to the health and safety of staff, their families and anybody else that SIAX deals with on a day-to-day basis. As an extension to this commitment, SIAX is proud to inform that ALL SIAX staff members, both technical and sales, are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Although SIAX has continued to support our clients remotely through this unprecedented pandemic, whilst adhering to the guidelines placed on business, SIAX would like to announce that we will recommence onsite attendance where the requirement exists. This will begin from Monday 25th October 2021. The following measures will be in place for all SIAX staff conducting an onsite visitation:

  • Face Mask to be worn at all times

  • Sanitisation of hands before entering and after exiting the site

  • Practicing social distancing whilst onsite

  • Limiting physical contact with others onsite

  • Adhering to any organisations protocols such as presenting COVID Certificate and temperature checks

SIAX will continue to abide by the Victorian Government’s regulations and reserves the right to rescind the above onsite announcement based on future changing Government directives or where a SIAX employee cannot effectively practice onsite PPE measures.

Management of SIAX Computing Solutions Pty Ltd (the Organisation) will do everything reasonably practicable to ensure we can undertake our work in a healthy and safe manner.

SIAX has a COVID-19 Safety which provides an overarching plan for the implementation and management of procedures by the Organisation to support our workers and all personnel at our workplace.

The arrangements set out in this Plan are intended to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 among colleagues, participants, volunteers, visitors, families and the broader community. This Plan will help every person in the workplace to identify exactly what actions we will need to take to put in place suitable and effective controls to manage COVID-19 in the workplace.

Under the health and safety legislation as a business, we understand that we have a duty of care to manage the risks of COVID-19 entering or spreading in our workplace. We understand that we may not be able to eliminate the risk completely, instead we will consider other ways to reduce the risk as far as reasonably practicable. This may involve the use of substitution, isolation, engineering or administrative controls. Reducing the risk by using personal protective equipment (PPE) is the lowest level of control.

At all times the Plan is subject to all regulations, minimum standards, guidelines and directions of jurisdictional Government and public health authorities. This Plan will be updated in accordance with any changes to public health directions.

We will also maintain and regularly review our control measures to ensure they remain effective. We will complete a risk assessment to help identify what changes we need to make to manage them and we will consult with our workers and/or their health and safety representatives throughout the risk assessment process.

Our philosophy as a business is to approach this unprecedented situation with urgency and give it the attention it deserves. SIAX’s top priority is the health and safety of our employees, including our customers, partners, contractors and prospects.

We know that everybody’s circumstances are different, and we at SIAX would like you to know that we are fully operational and ready to assist.

Below, you’ll see details of the support measures we’ve introduced so far, along with a set of resources that we hope will help you to adapt to these times.

Our Workforce

SIAX employees are working from both the office and from home. We are conducting business and support our clients using communications tools, including the Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, phones, mobiles and email.  SIAX’s strong remote work culture has helped us to quickly adapt to the impacts of the outbreak. This has allowed us to continue to deliver undisrupted 24/7 support to our customers and to remain fully focused on their most urgent needs.

Remote Onboarding

We have made the onboarding process fully virtual to ensure that newly acquired equipment are set up and operational, despite the challenging environment. We are able to facilitate drop offs of your products only. A clients representative will need to plug it in and then call SIAX’s service desk on 1300 799 928 and we will do the rest.

Suspended Employee Travel

All company-related travel has been suspended. SIAX will not be conducting any onsite scheduled visitations and limiting onsite service work in general.

Supply of Product

Due to increased demand for particular products, some items may be currently unavailable and requests may need to be placed on backorder. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes. Our team will be in contact if there will be any delays to your order.

SIAX is following strict guidelines as set out in the following link:

SIAX is here to help and if you require assistance of any sorts, please contact or contact us on 1300 799 928

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